Taking food to the EU

The European Union allows travellers to carry up to 1 kg of meat and dairy products when arriving in the Community.  The same allowance applies to imports for personal use. 

As from 1 May 2004 these personal imports must be accompanied by the MPI animal health export certificate appropriate to the type of product. 

The certification requirements are to protect the animal health status of the Community.  Public health certificates are not required; however the meat and dairy products are expected to be fit for human consumption.  Certain other requirements of the European Union will apply to the origin, handling and control of the meat and dairy products before the export certificates can be issued.

The only exemptions to the requirements of personal consignments to the European Union of meat and dairy products requiring an animal health export certificate apply to infant food or special foods for medical reasons with the condition that these products:

  • do not require refrigeration before opening,
  • packaged proprietary brand products for direct sale to the final consumer
  • packaging is unbroken unless in current use.