Taking NZ honey overseas

"Can I take some jars of NZ honey when I visit the 'rellies'?"

The Ministry for Primary Industries receives many calls about this from soon-to-be travelling kiwis.

There is no MPI requirement for such circumstances. Many countries allow up to 5kg or 5 litres (UK up to 2 kg of glorious NZ honey) of food products per person subject to local customs, health and agriculture requirements.

To the best of our knowledge the United Kingdom, Australia and United States generally permit limited quantities of honey if in unopened commercially-packed containers.

For the United Kingdom allowances for posting honey or taking it with you when you travel are found here:

Personal Import Rules (External website)

You may wish to check further either with the embassies or by contacting the relevant departments in the destination country perhaps the fortunate would-be recipient can make some enquiries. Please ensure that you don't attempt to bring any honey back into New Zealand upon your return.

NZ bees are relatively disease free and honey can spread bee diseases.

Our honey is exported in commercial quantities to many countries. As an alternative to taking honey with you try asking the New Zealand packer where it can be purchased in the country you are travelling to.


This publication is not a legal interpretation of the Animal Products Act or the Animal Products (Ancillary and Transitional Provisions) Act and is intended only as a guide.