Recalled food products: Blue River Sheep's Milk Ice-cream Vanilla

Date notified to MPI:

Thursday 20 September

Food Product:


Name of Product and Identification

Blue River Sheep’s Milk Ice-cream
Milk Maid’s Vanilla

All best before dates up to and including 3rd August 2013

Package Description & Size:

850ml tubs

NZ Distribution:

The product is sold in all main supermarkets and specialty stores throughout New Zealand.

Overseas Distribution:


Reason for Recall:

Allergen Warning
Blue River Dairy is initiating a recall of their Milk Maid’s Vanilla Sheep Milk Ice-cream after discovering that the product had been incorrectly labelled. The label states that the product is Allergy Tolerant, Lactose & Dairy Friendly. This could be interpreted as meaning the product is lactose and dairy free which it is not.


Consumers who are allergic to Blue River Sheep’s Milk Ice-cream are advised not to consume this product. Any person concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

Consumers who are allergic to Blue River Sheep’s Milk Ice-cream should return the product to their retailer for a full refund or phone Blue River Dairy on (03) 211 5150 with any queries.

This recall does not affect any other Blue River Dairy product.

Blue River Dairy LP
111 Nith Street, Invercargill