Food Recalls - Consumer or trade level

If a food needs to be recalled, because it is unsafe, unfit to eat, or contaminated the following actions can be taken:

  • The Company initiates a Consumer recall of the product with assistance from MPI
  • The Company initiates a Trade recall of the product with assistance from MPI

A consumer recall is more extensive than a trade recall. It recovers the food product from all points in the production and distribution network, including any affected product in the possession of consumers. Therefore, the public must be informed.  This may involve the publication of an advertisement in newspapers where the affected product has been distributed and may also be communicated through the supplier's or retailers own communication channels (e.g. a point of sale notice). The latest consumer level recalls can be viewed at the link below:

Latest recalls

A trade level recall involves food product that has not been available for direct purchase by the general public. It removes an unsafe food product from the distribution chain, for example, distribution centres and wholesalers. It may also involve recovering the food from hospitals, restaurants and other catering establishments, and outlets that sell food manufactured for immediate consumption.

Most food recalls are undertaken by businesses on a voluntary basis. The Chief Executive of MPI can also order a recall and also make privileged statements to protect consumers and to inform the public.  Both recalls and privileged statements are public statements.