A curriculum-aligned unit of work has been created to promote good food safety practices by students in years 5 - 10. It can also be easily adapted to be suitable for junior class students.

The unit is firmly based on the vision, principles, and values of The New Zealand Curriculum. It is aligned with achievement objectives in the health and physical education learning area - particularly personal health and physical development as well as healthy communities and environments. It also has links to English, technology, visual arts and science.  In addition, the activities will contribute towards the development of key competencies, particularly Thinking and Managing self.

Use this resource in conjunction with other materials available from MAF to discuss and explore safe behaviors for handling food and keeping school lunches healthy and great to eat. You could use your school library and Journal Surf to build a list of other resources that will complement the units.

MAF Resource order form (130 KB PDF)

Be FoodSmart this summer (2 MB PDF)